Sunday, May 12, 2013

to you mom

Sitting here on my very first mother’s day thinking about you mom and I feel this overwhelming gratitude for you I have never felt before. My respect and appreciation has grown much deeper for you ever since Jesper arrived into my life.
So often we take our mother’s for granted and I am one to admit this I have done.
You taught me freedom, which I think is the most beautiful gift you ever gave me. You allowed me to explore and go after my dreams and so I did. I look back on the pain I felt in my past and I realize it all led me to this very moment. Often we look back and blame our mother’s for our sorrows and so I did. We are both complex women but now I know this lead me to never settle. I wanted it all, I wanted to explore life as fully and crazy I possibly could and you never hindered me doing so. As I look at my little man and how we found each other I cry tears of joy and feel such intense love I have never felt before. My heart is in peace.  I get it now, I really do. Thank you mom for being you, I love you so very much. Happy Mother's day.


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