Wednesday, March 4, 2015

you can find happiness wherever you choose to find it...

It's such privilege to work with people everyday who are open, curious, lost, confused and wanting more out of this thing called life. We have such short time here to become the best we can be, to live the life we one day can look back on with no regrets and be proud of.

 What is the footprint you want to leave after you?

 I ask myself this often and it motivates me to live exactly how I want to live, under no restriction. Nothing is forever, I have no idea what is around the corner and what tomorrow will bring, and the power behind this thought gives me freedom to create goals, visions and dream rebelliously wild….why not?

I took me a while to realize the only person who hinders me is me. I think we all have had moments of blaming another person or circumstance for not being happy, but once I became aware, I also began taking responsibility.
Often my mind is so powerful it tosses me into the abyss of doubt, fear and confusion. Before Yoga I could stay there for awhile and seriously, what a waist of time!!
 Therefore  I have embarked on this journey to live my truth and be happy every day and in order to do so, I HAVE to show up. I have to practice, I meditate every day, its non negational for me, I live mindful with who I choose to spend time with, how I treat my body, I accept myself and my sensitivity and I forgive myself rather quickly when I react in a way that is not aligned with compassion toward myself or others.

When I received THE phone call,  I will in a few days become a mother it's feels like a phone call from universe telling me; you finally got it, you got the lesson of letting go, you stopped being afraid and attached to a certain outcome, and most of all you stopped trying to control so much. So here, enjoy you life with your son, you guys are not from blood but from even deeper  your soul. Strangely, people say with look like each other, we certainly have very similar personalties. He is my muse, my teacher, my mirror. 

My point is to this rambles:  that if we really, really REALLY want something we will have it…that's my thoughts for today, just wanted to share, that's all. Love Camilla

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