Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Crazy Moments Bliss"

Lately I have started the  Yoga sessions with different clients asking them from 1-10, physically, mentally and emotionally what number they would be at. 1 being the lowest; discomfort in body, restless mind, depressed, tired etc...10 being fully content, happy even a moment of enlightenment....
We sit for a moment, quiet so they can really bring the awareness to this question. I see they get uncomfortable, restless, fixing their hair etc...
We begin the practice and it doesn't take long until I  feel them shifting, their skin gets softer, they get more present, their eyes are more clear.
Depending on how they are that day is the level we practice and after one hour we meet back sitting or standing in Tadasana, mountain pose, eyes closed.

I then ask the same question; what number would you rate yourself in this moment between 1-10.
Ironically pretty much everyone, regardless if they are a CEO over a huge company, an artist or a housewife they always end up at 8...the brave ones says 8 1/2.  I then ask; what is hindering you being a 10?  Are you in physical discomfort? No, they say, I feel great!  Then what is it??
Well, I had a bad morning or I am thinking about work etc...they express. Ok, that is the past or the future I remind them of. What if you didn't know this, you only had NOW, this very moment.... Ok, they say with a smile, I am a 9!!!!
I dig a bit deeper, What is preventing you from being a 10?
The answers I have gotten are so interesting. " I don't feel worthy of a 10", "I can never be a 10 because then there is nothing more to strive for", I am a perfectionist, could never except 10, etc...
This is what intrigues me the most of us humans especially in western society.
We are not suppose to be a 10!!!! We are not suppose to admit we can have a moment of being fully content, a moment where we don't have to strive, please anyone, dwell, doubt, think!

See I find it essential to everyday have moments of where I am so happy my heart starts going crazy and actually feeling it, enjoying it, taking it all in, even saying it out loud, even if it is just for a minute.
we are all worthy to have those  brief moments of fullfillment, happiness, bliss, one with self, call it whatever.
We rush trough life, never stopping to take in the NOW, and even if we do we don't really bring attention to it.

So, during the day, pause, take a breath and take it all in. No matter what situation you are in, find those moments. You deserve them, as a matter of fact you need them.

with love


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