Friday, January 13, 2012

HSP "Highly Sensitive Person"

I just finished reading a book called: “The Highly Sensitive Person” by bestselling author Elaine Aron.
It’s called HSP, Highly Sensitive Person; it’s someone who is very intuitive and extremely open emotionally. They notice every little thing in detail, take in people’s energy much stronger and feel every emotion much deeper then people who are not HSP.
 Ironically, the subject HSP has been coming to me from different blogs and discussions lately and it got me going, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts as well as research that has been done on this subject.

HSP is not a scientific diagnose, it’s not a disorder nor a mental dysfunction. There is nothing wrong with people with HSP, but all of you who feel a bit different, easily feel misunderstood, hypersensitive to crowds and noises, it’s just gives a sense of comfort to know you are just one in millions of people around you who also is HSP.

Basically HSP means the person has a sensitive nervous system, you worry deeper, you feel deeper, you get affected by other peoples mood easily, you get routed by you’re own feelings and you get easily overwhelmed when you are out in a highly stimulating environment for to long bombarded by sights and sounds until you feel exhausted. You like time alone, you are creative, actors, artists, musicians often are hsp, and often you probably felt different from a very young age.

It’s interesting when you read a book about a subject that in some ways hits home.
I have always felt highly sensitive but it’s not until I got older that I learned to use tools to make the best of it. When I was younger I always thought something was wrong with me and people would say; “don’t let it effect you”, “let it go”. Easier said then done when you’re whole body starts acing when someone else around you is suffering. I basically take in another person pain. I can’t even watch certain violence on TV, the image will stay with me and I will have a sleepless no doubt. If something happens trough out the day that get’s my heart going I will probably not get a very good night sleep either. Hard for people to understand whom is not Highly Sensitive trust me; I have had many talks about this.

So you learn to live with it, make choices trough out the day to stay connected, making sure you get you’re sleep even if that means leaving the party early :-)
Accepting you’re self and don’t compare you’re self with others, surround you’re self with people who don’t “steal” you’re energy. Staying present and be aware, seek beauty, things that calms you down and remove your self from situations that brings out negative feelings. Don’t question the people who don’t feel on you’re level, they are who they are.

Yoga, meditation, and breathing is a beautiful source to understand you’re inner self, as a matter of fact Yoga in so many ways changed my life and led me to self nurture, accepting and even loving myself better. I do find in the end, living as a highly sensitive person turns out to be a beautiful gift.

To learn more about this, I recommend reading this book,
Dr Elaine has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and a thriving psychotherapy practice. She is the first therapist to tell HSP’s how to identify their trait and make the most out of it in everyday situation. 

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Heather said...

I love you my big sis... Thanks for bringing our wonderful HSP to my attention... Makes me feel much more aware and comfortable in my own skin.