Friday, February 3, 2012

hmmmm, any regrets?

Just red an article that brought up the question what people regret the most when they are looking back on their lives and are now dying.
This woman worked as a nurse wrote this piece, thought is was interesting.

1, Didn’t go after their dreams, they wished they would have lived the life they wanted to live and not what was expected from other people.

2, A lot of men said they wished they didn’t work so hard and they missed out so much on spending time with their children.

3, Seeing more clearly who their true friends were and not waisting time with the one's who they didn't really have things in common with anymore, people grow apart.

4, Wished they would have spend more time with their really good  friends rather then always coming up with excuses they're to busy.

5, A lot of people didn’t realize until the end that happiness is a choice, and that fear of change made them stay in situations that truly made them unhappy.

If you were 80 years old and you are looking back at you’re life, what would you see? Did you live the life you truly wanted? If not, what hindered you?
Interesting questions to ponder over, life is so precious and it goes by so fast, it can change in an instant.

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