Sunday, February 12, 2012

I left Anusara on paper but not in my heart.

I few years ago I had an accident that basically knocked me around for a while but yet, it turns out to be greatest gift sent my way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I am going trough my healing on so many levels one thing became very clear to me, life can change any moment and I do not want to live my life any longer from what is expected but rather what is my truth. Trough the healing I realized I could no longer remain certified within Anusara. I resigned with no hard feelings quiet the contrary I had made peace with all the confusion I had felt for so long but I could not find a way to stay aligned with the system of Anusara and what I mean by this was with John Friend. It was one of the most painful decisions to come to terms with but when I finally took the step I felt nothing but relieved and my teaching could finally align with the way I did my own practice and that was with freedom and joy. Anusara changed my life; simple as that and for that I am forever grateful. The principals of alignment I not only teach to my students (although out of respect to the system I no longer call anything by name) I also live by them and so many beautiful things Anusara taught me.
I am now getting reminded of the confusion and pain I felt going trough this and it saddens me so many are now in the middle of it, so I thought for that reason I will reach out.
This morning I posted the below note on face book, and it is from my heart. I truly believe this had to happen sooner then later for everyone to get reminded its about the Yoga, teachers will come and go but YOGA is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere.

The greatest teacher is life itself, this I have learned. YOGA is the map the navigates me to my voice, this I have experienced, my voice is my essence, this I have felt. When we find it pause, listen. It becomes truly magical.
We make choices, we believe and we let go. No one can blame us when we follow our own truth. We lay so much trust on teachers, mentors, "guru's" and even doctors and in the end they are all human. People make mistakes, they disappoint us, and when they do it sometimes hurt like hell. We get knocked down and we get back up hopefully learned something or do we? So the question is, how will we respond? Change is and should be exciting because it will open door to something new, something more powerful, bigger and maybe even better. People will come together or go apart this is the nature of life. So I look at all the crap that sometimes happens in life and I say to myself, thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach me the greatest lesson there is, to find my own truth.

 with love


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Cecilia said...

your are a wonderful inspiration to us all :-)