Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Morning life!!!

We live in a time where stress is a part of our everyday life, as a matter of fact we are so used to living in some kind of stress that it becomes our story. Even if we are not stressed one day we find something to stir it up and BANG,  we go from feeling good to stress ourselves out because that is all we know how to live.

I catch myself all the time with this and mainly when this happens is when I don't start my daily routine with meditation. Think about how the day will be if you jump out of bed, running around crazy, planning the day, drinking coffee to wake up and letting the day begin with having the thoughts already taking over, doubt, stress, never feeling there is enough time, worrying about stuff you have no control over, etc etc etc....... You are setting the tone for how you're day will look and I promise you by the end of the day you are so exhausted you crash into bed and barely remember what you did through out the day. Oh how much we miss out on the simple beauty when we get caught in this rat chase!!

SO, instead of being paralyzed with fear of "doing nothing" which is what a lot people feel when they think about meditation and there is NO WAY they can find time just sitting..... Trust me, I go trough phases when I battle an internal war about this.
But we all have 2 min to roll out of bed sit down and just breath and find our center......2 min!!
Then, when you get use to that, you go to 5, then 10, maybe even 20min.....hah!!

Try it, brake you're habit, see if you feel any different, see if you're day, you're story, you're thoughts will be calmer, more positive and clearer. The way you process information trough out the day will change if you begin the day with clarity. Negative phone calls, emails, interactions with people will have a complete different outcome.
Below are some simple tips I use, I know you have all seen them before but it's always nice to get reminded. 

                             ~DAILY MOTIVATIONS~

MEDITATE: Preferably sit for meditation for 5-10min, connect to breath.  Bring your self fully to the present. Let go of anything unnecessary. Notice any doubt, worry or stress, this is the mind being in the future. In this moment bring your breath down to belly and remind your self of the good stuff. 

BREATH: count each inhale to 8, hold count 8, then exhale out without counting.  Repeat twice, and then go up to 10. 

 MANTRA: some days we feel might might need something, ask for it! Repeat a word over and over you feel you want to receive: peace, courage, strength, love, health, clarity...etc.....       

 ATTITUDE:  it is always good to look at ourselves from outside in, would you want to  hang out with you?  

JOURNALeach day write down all that you have accomplished, write down all that you are grateful for. Look at you’re day and evaluate the good and the challenges. Look at what you can do different.

 PLAY: when was the last time you had fun? I mean, REALLY FUN!  Do something EVERY day that you love, something that makes you’re spirit giggle.    

YOGA:  3 sun salutations, practice 15-60 min every day, stretches, abdominal work.        

HEARTBEAT:  get you’re heart beat up every day, go for a walk minimum 20min.       

BRAIN:  Stimulate it!!  Avoid to much TV, take  class and learn something knew, read; find books that inspires you, gives you daily affirmations etc.....      

PEOPLE:  surround yourself with people that inspire you and lift you up.  Notice how you’re body reacts to the different energy people will send off.    

BODY:  treat you’re body as if it is you’re child or someone you really love. You would only want the best for this person; you would never do any harm to the people you love.    

FOOD:  food has energy, we call this PRANA. Choose to eat as much organic as possible, processed food and frozen food has no energy, and less nutrience. We want to eat food that is fresh and makes us feel good. Eat less with every meal but eat regularly. We actually don't need to eat as much food as we think we do. Never go more then 4 hours without food, this will mess up the metabolism. Look out for sodium, trans fat, saturated fat and any kind of processed food. Eat breakfast and avoid eating a big meal after 7pm. I highly recommend green tea rather then coffee. 

Remember these are suggested guideline to follow every day. It might seem overwhelming but they really a very simple and can become a part of you’re daily routine. 

It generally takes about 40 days to brake a pattern so in the beginning you have really want to make a commitment. Sometimes it’s good to ask ourselves “how bad do I want it” in this case, make a change in our life. :-)

"Live each day as fully as you can, love, respect and accept you’re self. Life is the greatest gift we have…..enjoy it"!!!!!



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