Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A simple life

  Just got back from a week vacation in a small town in Mexico where I found my paradise.
It was a simple, relaxing but yet the most fulfilling trip. We met the most friendly, happy people I have ever met. They have so little but where ever we went we came across people with huge smiles on their faces. “No problema” seemed to be a mantra, nothing was a problem.  Reminded me that the less we have the less we have to lose.
We made a point to go when it is low season, no big luxury resort, no tourists and no shopping...(that one is usually hard for me) the weather report said thunderstorm, rain all week.
So I left my expectations at home and prepared to sit under an umbrella in the rain reading a book and stay in a little hut in the jungle.
From the beginning to end it turn out to be the most amazing vacation I have had in a long time!!
Someone told me a while ago;  "who ever is right in front of you is the most important person in that moment". Oh so many inspiring stories I have heard from people who live a life for me unimaginable, makes me want to simplify my life even more.

                      Peace and love


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