Thursday, June 12, 2014


 In the Buddhist tradition they say; "We are our thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world".

I was 20 years old the first time I walked into a Buddhist Temple and a whole new world opened up. Just a few years later I embarked on a journey of realizing that my thoughts were not at all aligned with who I was or who I wanted to be. They were actually creating chaos inside for no other reason then that was all I knew, because that is what the mind does. It creates patterns based on experience.

Being a perfectionist I had tried really hard for years to create an imaginary past that would fit a little better into the mold of being perfect. I anxiously waited for something in the future that would make me happy now……..
This was my pattern; I dwelled on the past or lived in the future. I really never enjoyed the moment, didn't know what it meant to be present, never less being conscious.
So, with this epiphany, I became immensely aware that my thoughts basically held me hostage,  I became determent to become free.
I began the quest of finding myself, who I was behind the pattern of destructive thinking.
I threw myself into the world of meditation, became obsessed with the discipline of the practice, sat for hours at a time and even dared to join in on a silent retreat for 10 days. Yoga became my life, my body became my teacher. My body  had giving me signals all along I bluntly had ignored.

Later I would merge the Eastern thought, the mythical wisdom with the Western knowledge, the power of mind. My interest in Psychology was the missing piece of the puzzle.

 It's been 25 years and I still search, study and practice, every day. I  have found that we can truly create anything we want in life,  the one thing that  get in our way is our mind.

I have put together this "In Depth Study" based on my own personal journey, we will have 40 hours together to practice, share, discuss, ponder, write, have fun and dive deep into the what else there is.

With love Camilla

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